At Joyce Wang Studio, we tell stories with materials. We are motivated by pushing the possibilities of form and exploring different techniques to challenge what exists and find new ways of expressing ideas in space. Our love for Terrazzo is at the heart of our new collection: FLINT.


With Flint, our aim is to bring out the more precious qualities of Terrazzo, elevating it from a surface material into a collection of furniture, lighting and objects that accentuate its multi-faceted character. Designing elements with a material more commonly associated with flooring and wall surfaces encourages us to engage with it more intimately. We look more closely, we touch it, and we appreciate its finer qualities. There is a special beauty in the juxtaposition of using an old material in a new way.

Joyce Wang Studio has developed FLINT in collaboration with a fourth generation Italian terrazzo manufacturer. The mission has been to introduce a level of refinement in form and finish to challenge people’s perceptions of the humble material. In place of monolithic, rectilinear blocks, we have crafted domed geometry, curves, bevelled edges and tapered silhouettes.

The collection has been created so that accessories can be playfully stacked and interchanged with other objects in the series. Signature metalwork detailing is evident with joints appearing stapled in solid brass, revealing stroke, cross and ring motifs.

The elegant and timeless Decorative Sphere is an ode to pure geometry and features two crossing rings in brass that add a warm glow; it can be used as a striking sculpture or as a paperweight on a desk.

The Hourglass’ unique silhouette combines curves and straight lines in a symmetric interplay that is harmonious and solid. Entirely handmade, it acts as a stunning decoration or as functional bookends when purchased as a pair for a modern home, on a bookcase, console or desk.

The Dish has been hand-moulded to create a shallow divot. This works alone as a decorative container for tea candles, jewellery and other small accessories or can also hold the Flint Sphere

The Vessel is an elegant statement piece both as a set or individually. Featuring brass inserts, the bowls are available in three colour variations: black marble chips set in grey cement; black and white marble chips set in green cement; and white marble chips set in pink cement, which can be stacked.

A versatile and sophisticated Basin is adorned at its base with a crossing motif in brass. Entirely food-safe, it is suitable to be displayed both outside and inside, either as a low vase for succulents or as a centrepiece on an outdoor table.

The Vase is a monolithic cylindrical shape that features the expressed cross metal motif and beveled edge that reflects the refined aesthetic of the studio’s signature detailing. This can be used as a vase for fresh cut flowers or as a stunning decorative object in a modern living room or private study.




The Circular Coffee Table take inspiration from a clock face, creating a strong focal point with a sense of permanence, they form a meeting point that can bring a room together. The generous surface showcases terrazzo it its finest, and can be used to place anything from vases, to books and trays.

The Nesting Tables are characterised by a respect and celebration of craftsmanship and test the material boundaries of Terrazzo. The sophisticated, overlapping silhouettes are a compliment to every lounge setting and can be used both indoors and out. The side tables have a sense of solidity and durability which is offset with the refined signature metal detail, soft beveled edges and elegant tapered legs.


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