Located in the heart of the Venetian Resort on Las Vegas’ Strip, Joyce Wang Studio unveils the opulent, East-meets-West design of Mott32 Vegas.  Seamlessly fusing the two cultures, our Studio’s vision was to celebrate the hedonism of the Vegas location whilst paying homage to the Chinese imperialism meets New York Industrialism aesthetic of the original Mott 32 in Hong Kong.

Alabaster bi-folding screens above the bar ledge allows for the flexibility of opening up and screening off the space from the casino. Semi-circular banquettes seating are arranged along the facade, with ribbed leather details at the back cushion and mohair upholstery on the seat cushion.


The suspended canopy at the Bar & Lounge area is made of two layers of hundreds of stretched brass cables integrated with pendant lighting on a pulley mechanism. The dramatic structure sets the scene and drives the ambiance of the main bar area.

A semi-private lounge connects to the ‘Boom Boom Room’ via traditional onyx pivoting screens which can be opened up to extend the dramatic space. The screens let in the vibrant colour of the Boom Boom Room and act as a backdrop to the semi-private space, adding to the smoke and mirrors effect of the space.

Upon arrival, guests are absorbed by the cinematic design of the main dining entrance with its overhung metal-chained chandelier, cocooned by the sweeping steel panels at a high level which further emphasises the dramatically high ceiling. The chandelier marks the centre point from which the intimate dining areas emanate. Suspended over the Hong Kong, Vancouver and now Mott 32 Vegas venues; the chandelier’s chain language pays tribute to Hong Kong’s humble beginnings as a fishing village.

” We approached the interiors by referencing its Hong Kong and Vancouver predecessors and then reimagining them. Las Vegas and it’s infamous indulgent and larger-than-life culture led us to create a playful yet reverent interior.” – Joyce Wang Studio 


The highly customised interiors have elements that are tongue and cheek, catering to the more daring and bold appetite of the Vegas demographic. These customisations include a Feather chandelier; roulette dining table; animated pin-up girl neon signs; and dining table tops covered in antique Chinese coins, all of which are bespoke designed and fabricated for Mott 32 Las Vegas.

We explored neon to materially bridge the two cities, Hong Kong and Vegas, experimenting beyond its shared history of traditional signage use and reinterpreting it in a more architectural, unexpected manner. The glow of the neon lights infiltrates the space and adds energy to the dining and bar areas.

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