Jin Gui is located in the underbelly of the Tortue Hotel, Hamburg. By nature of the location, guests are invited along a journey as one descends into this secluded, Pan-Asian restaurant and discover its openness to a historic courtyard. Jin Gui meaning golden tortoise in Chinese, nods to the unique story of a French woman parading down this courtyard with her rare tortoise on a leash during the heyday of Stadthofe.  Our Studio approached the interiors by personifying the qualities of this woman, our muse. We are captivated by her flair, eye for the avant-garde and penchant for exhibitionism.

As diners enter into the restaurant, they are greeted by an intimate bar – clad in intricate travertine relief paneling of Tibetan origin. They are led into the main dining area through ornate screens flanking either side, the open kitchen takes center stage with its theater of chefs preparing ceviche and steaming dumplings. A striking chandelier pulls together the Main Dining Area, whilst an oversized ink-stained canvas forms the backdrop of the moody interior.

Venturing away from the bar are intimate alcoves for bartop drinking which are conducive to hanging out in smaller groups. This narrowing passage also acts as a transition space into our “separees” chambers- leading you deeper into the narrative of discovery,

The first of these chambers is a 12-seater private dining room that extends the visual language of Tibetan geometry and landscape to celebrate diversity of personas that will enjoy our space to come. Guests are able to peer into our wine jewel box from the private dining room and use it as an extension to one’s evening of entertaining.

A radiating chandelier of copper detailing and crackled glass fills the room with glistening warmth. A playful ode to the larger energies at work with our planetary system and its alignment of planets and stars.

Beyond the deepest reach of the restaurant is the surreal and unexpected Spiegelsaal, a private dining space that is the jewel of Jin GuiThis space sets itself apart from the rest with a rhythm of overlapping copper rods, rotated towards a vanishing point and reflected by a mirror wall to create a kaleidoscopic effect, transporting diners into another world. The Spiegelsaal is in a limbo of futuristic and earthy, slick and raw, fantasy and familiar; not for the faint-hearted.

SOMMERSAAL, the Winter Garden turned Summer Salon can be found off to the side of the main dining area. Filled with plantings, guests can enjoy intimate dining in an airy environment whilst people-watching from tete-a-tete loveseats and sumptuous armchairs. This space features terrazzo floor lamps with copper base plates and stems. Caning furniture compliments the Summer Salon with a modernist outdoor aesthetic.

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