The restaurant’s name derives from a plant found in the Peruvian Andes that only grows in extreme conditions. The name reflects both Martinez’s in-depth knowledge of indigenous ingredients and his passion for new culinary challenges. The Studio has drawn inspiration from Peru’s landscape and Martinez’s culinary style. Featuring richly textured materials and raw finishes to evoke Peru’s changing topography and dynamic ecosystem, the vibrant colours and inventive flourishes capture Martinez’s progressive culinary style.


This ingredients table reigns over the arrival experience. The table is a sculptural piece of art itself, made by Calacatta Verde marble fused with fossilised stone finished with fluted metal detail on the legs. Two granite species fused together to create an unpredictable geometry,positioned centrally to greet every guest on arrival, it is carefully fused by two contrasting marbles. The veins and textures reminiscent of renowned Nazca lines.  Guests are presented with the rarest and finest ingredients used in Virgilio’s vision of Peruvian delicacies.

The restaurant is divided into distinct sections and the design takes guests on a journey through Peru’s varying altitudes. The main dining room features an island banquette with excavated fossil stone detail while different slate titles reference indigenous rock formations. The main dining banquette is of Incan geometry. Its sweeping forms dictate the dynamic language of the space, whilst the mineral palette of upholstery and excavated detail amplifies the rawness of Peru throughout the restaurant. The stepped timber ceiling pays tribute to the undulating and dramatic topography characteristic of Peru.


Artwork representation was an integral element in layering the narrative of the restaurant. We envision the story of terrain and landscape told through the guests’ unveiling and discovery of unique textures and artisanal gems. We have commissioned a local artist to create over-sized organically shaped strata plates, inspired by the minerals and rawest rock formation found in the extreme altitudes in Peru.

Within the only private dining room, a rare imagination and visual showcase of a modern open kitchen for a group of ten diners. The bevelled edge curve design of hand-cut fossil stone at the kitchen counter where dinner is served exclusively to the guests.



A constellation of contemporary light fittings inspired by Artist Dan Flavin are framed against iridescent tiles. The studio lined fluorescent glass tubes with neon dyed organize to create a striking gradient of colour when lit. Guests are transported to a space that is energised and surreal. A retrospective of fluorescent light, with a curation of signature mid-century chairs setting the scene for an immersive gastronomic odyssey.

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