Ceremonial in proportion and materiality, we inherited a monumental bank interior that became our playground for the site of Equinox, St. James. This location is the London flagship of E by Equinox– a highly personalised and exclusive members-only haven for fitness and wellness. 

The interiors are provocative, bold and serpentine, in contrast to its more conservative and formal architecture.

Within the marble-clad interior, we floated a metallic mezzanine above the main fitness arena. Spinning and Pilates studios sit atop the mezzanine with a dramatic view onto the existing archways, moldings, and balconies. In one seamless move, the underside of the gym floor ceiling swoops up to form the balustrade of the mezzanine.

An exclusive wing of the club houses its retail displays, island lounge, work booths and juice bar.

Down the stairs and around the bend, one loses sight of the warm neutral timbers and finds themselves immersed in cool black slate. A physical and mental journey in preparation for what lies beneath.

The staircase terminates in the landing below whilst exposing its slick copper shell in amongst the backdrop of black slate. Bathed in warm oak, reddish copper, and Nero Marquina, the changing chambers below serve as sumptuous sanctuaries for the most discerning of members.

Envisioned as an Odyssey- an epic journey for body and mind, we crafted every element of Equinox, St James to elevate the senses.

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